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Saying no to the new normal! We stand for liberty and truth, we stand against fear and control.


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Stand For Freedom

Stand Up Wolverhampton aims to bring together all those in local communities who believe in human rights and civil liberties. Collectively we can take action to preserve our rights to bodily autonomy regarding medical treatments and freedom of movement and freedom from arbitrary restrictions.

We campaign through creating literature, putting up posters, distributing literature, writing letters to local schools and organisations and supporting local businesses.

Empowering one another for a better society.

Group Gatherings

1st & 3rd Sunday of every month from 11am, West Park, WV1 4PH

A friendly gathering for likeminded people who want to connect with one another, share ideas, discuss current issues. A great way to reduce isolation and get some fresh air!

Raising Public Awareness

Various, See Events Page

We organise regular activities to share hidden information with the general public. Our soul purpose is to ensure the public is making informed decisions, with an non biased approach.

Community Activities

Various, See Events Page

Take part in regular mindfulness and meditation sessions, kids fun days, information sharing workshops and good old fashioned social gatherings.

Official Gov. Yellow Card Scheme

The official government Yellow Card reporting site is used to report suspected side effects to medicines and vaccines. We have a growing concern regarding the lack of awareness of this data. It is estimated that only 1 – 10% of side effects and deaths are reported.

Data correct as of 28th December 2022.


Adverse Reactions

Unreported (Gov. Estimated %)

"Better to die fighting for freedom than be a prisoner all the days of your life."

Bob Marley

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Andrew Bridgen MP Calls for Urgent Debate on the WHO Pandemic Treaty

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If cellphone radiation is safe, why won’t insurers cover it?

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