EMF Radiation + 5G

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“You can use the attached letter to your Council, suitably amended if you have written before.”

“For anyone needing help with an application, whether it’s your first or 50th, we have mentors who will help.
Send an email to general.enquiries.and.mentors@gmail.com giving your name and contact details, including telephone, the address (URL) of the application (not the Council home page please) plus the application reference. Add a brief explanation of your problem so someone can take a look and contact you back.”

Introduction to Wolverhampton 5G Action Group

First, just to clarify, we will use the abbreviation of RFR meaning “radio frequency radiation” in all our articles. Other terms widely used commercially and scientifically are Wi-Fi / wifi; EMF or “electromagnetic frequency” (or “field” for the last word); WCR or “wireless communication radiation”. Despite the last term, it’s useful to know that even wires generate a RFR field!

To keep this page of the StandupWolverhampton website clear, we will not include the EMF fields from our electrical circuits and transmission cables.

Despite our name we oppose all anthropogenic (human-made) RFR. We will not all be safe* until it is all gone. However we recognise that will not happen overnight for both political, scientific and engineering reasons. 5G is just the latest in a long line of RFR that has been building over the years with each new Generation through 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G and whatever is being played with in military, scientific and business circles; 6G etc. The term commonly used for all the frequencies to which we are exposed is “ELECTROSMOG”.

*safe: please realise the difference between “safe” and “no evidence of harm” or “no significant evidence of harm”. In fact the latter phrase is a clever way of hiding the fact that there is some evidence of harm! That, or similar words like “compelling,” are used by the industry to confuse us. On this page you will get honest information.


Government Related

The National Planning Policy Framework

This is the current version, released in December 2023, with highlights of what Ian considers important. Note especially that the WHOLE of the document applies to ALL types of Application.

Code of Practice for Wireless Networks (England)

About General Permitted Development

Note particularly on Page 9 “All new masts will still require the prior approval of the local planning authority”

New Conversations: Includes (p34) The Gunning Principles (Case Law) on Consultation

2018 Consultation Principles: a useful Summary document of general relevance


Guidelines for Objections

Guideline Strategy

Objections Template (editable)

Mobile UK – A Paper from the industry often submitted as part of an application. Highlights in the paper are made by Ian, and you can attach it to your objections as part of your rebuttal of claims. Sometimes you will see a paper from the institute of Engineering and Technology or our Government, both of which are equally as false


These Factsheets, drafted by Judith, are not all fully proofed. Please let us know via the Mentors’ email address above of any errors.

Debate on the 500 meter minimum distance between a mast and a residence

Children and Schools

Locating Masts and Distances From Schools

Real-Life 5G Case Studies

How Appeals Work

Technical Standards

ICNIRP 2020 Guideline

2020 ICNIRP Principles

ICBE Rebuttal Paper

Summary of ICNIRP Faults

Background Articles

Research Summary

2020 Consultation

Lancet Article on Planetary Electromagnetic Pollution

Effects on Unregulated Digitalization on Health and Democracy, a paper by the World Council for Health


Tutorial 1 – How to find telecoms planning applications

Tutorial 2 – Learn about the documents on this website

Tutorial 3 – Looking through an application

Tutorial 4 – Making a comment

Ian talking to Richard Vobes about objecting to 5G

Ian talking to Richard Vobes about dissolved companies

    Ian Full Talk At Totnes

Artificial Intelligence and Intelligence Augmentation: an introduction

Ian at the town meeting in Shaftesbury, June 2023

Ian Jarvis at the Net Zero debate

Ian testing his bed canopy from www.emf-protection.com

Ian’s presentation to the “National Call for Safer Technology” (in USA)

Related Background Information

Ralph Ellis – Climate Emergency Myths

Interviews with Ian:


Sustainable Futures – Taking Stock

Sustainable Futures – Taking Stock

Anthony Day is a climate activist and runs Sustainable Futures a website with interviews and a weekly review. Ian has known him for sometime and bravely he asked Ian for an interview around the topic of "Taking Stock". Where are we now and what can we learn. He was...

Any Questions?

Please get in touch if you have any questions about 5G or anything related to Wifi, including planning applications for monopole masts and other telecomms structures.

Email address: enquiries-on-5GandLTN@outlook.com – Please note how you found us !

This includes:

  • general and specific questions
  • LED street-lights 
  • If you think your health has been affected since a mast went up near you
  • Planning applications (on the wifi page there is a guide on writing objections.)

We do like to know of new planning applications and would rather have them reported several times than not at all.

The email will reach Ian, and someone from our 5G Action Group will get back to you. We do ask that you first read the articles on the Wifi page on this site as something there may answer your question.

We are all volunteers in the group and think this is such an important issue that we give up our time. No-one can opt out of being bathed in this wifi radiation, we think that is not democratic.

Donations are always welcome and will be used wisely.”

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