About Us

How We Got Started

Stand Up Wolverhampton aims to bring together all those in local communities who believe in human rights and civil liberties. Collectively we can take action to preserve our rights to bodily autonomy regarding medical treatments and freedom of movement and freedom from arbitrary restrictions.

Our community has grown from a small number of concerned individuals to a few hundred in a short space of time.

We are also actively connecting with similar localised groups across the country.

Our Mission

Our group has become a beacon of light that members of the local community are flocking to. Wisdom, love, honesty, trust and truth is shared. It has become a lifeline to the many now questioning the narrative presented by the media channels regarding the current situation. Many often feel alone and it has been life-changing to those members who discover our group. Without groups like ours, suicide rates would be even higher. Our function is vital at this time. Our mission is to be inclusive and to empower individuals and be aware of their rights.

Interested in joining our group of likeminded souls?

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